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Android is being used by 70% of the users using it via smartphones and tablets. In other words, the market share for Android is huge and Google has more than 1 billion active Android users. Despite the colossal traffic, Google play offers a robust search functionality that helps users discover your apps quickly.


Android Game Development Services To Serve Your Businesses

The Android operating system is officially one of a lot of famous OS in the mobile device universe at the instant - so naturally, you may find people who come back with what they suppose is the next best Android game. Some also motivated by the money they may stand to take in if their game becomes extremely popular and in-demand. Others could just need to make a singular game because they suppose they need a concept that will stand get in a sea of game apps for Android gadgets. Whatever your motivation, you will want assistance from a developer like GTS Infosoft to make your Android game a reality.

Even if you don't set up on doing the particular coding itself, it going to be essential to know a minimum of the fundamental of Java which is the language on which the Android OS is based. Your rudimentary information of Java can help you keep track of the daily development of your Android game so that you recognize why game development progresses as it does.

You should even be comparatively familiar with the Android game design. This could be subdivided into roughly your interface and therefore the game code itself. This is where creating an Android game can get sophisticated and you will feel lost at sea at now. luckily, you will get support from a developer like GTS Infosoft if you don't wish to drown in Android game terminology - otherwise, take care that you just ask questions at every stage and take notes during project update conferences so that you can catch up on how your project is going.

Industries We Serve

GTS is serving various industry since its inception in 2011. Our focus is to fit right time for right industry projects based on experiences. Industries we cater to are followings

Real Estate & Property
Events & Tickets
Travel & Hospitality
Social Networking
Banking, Finance & Insurance
health care
ecommerce, retail & b2b
food & restaurant

Major Benefits of Android Game Development

Technologies do not stand still — this may be a usually known truth. The tendencies of 2018 make an excellent anticipation, and we need to understand more. But following trends does not only mean that your business set up with the market rate. Building the latest custom solution has additional profits in the bank — we’re visiting to list our personal top 5.

  • Custom development cares regarding some time and money

    First of all, you should set in mind that the ready-to-wear software already has a specific package of options to use. Some of them may well be very useful to you, and some also are entirely useless. In any case, you should get a full package and not a penny less. Your custom product has all the practicality that you just want, and it is tailored strictly to your demands — you select what to pay for.

  • You have a more vital chance to meet the customer’s expectations

    A glad mobile user is the goal of every company performing on the mobile market. To make it a part of your reality, you should be aware of the user’s wants, and custom applications support a lot in this situation. No matter how broad your app’s audience is, the customized software support to combine all necessary options in one place.

  • You win a wider audience once building on Android

    As we’ve mentioned at the start, Android has a dominating market share — it was 87.7% within the second quarter of 2017 consistent with Statista. So, it’s not a surprise that almost all companies would like investing in an Android app.

  • Business security of custom apps is over of ready-made solutions

    As we’ve mentioned many times, customs apps are made for one particular business. It means that no one out there will apprehend the design of your product. Additionally, you will be able to very best security level for your application, which is not possible when you obtain a ready-made solution.

  • Lower prices but high ROI

    Android is an open-source platform. It means that its Software Development Kit (SDK) can be changed and shared by developers from everywhere the world. If everybody has a free access to the software, companies and his or her investors don’t must worry regarding the value of licenses or loyalty. Besides, it is effortless to get the latest OS versions from the community of Android developers.

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