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Month: May 2019

Four Ingenious Ways of Utilizing Open Source into Android Application Development

Open sourced projects are the best. Being helpful is the least that they can do. Its real potential lies when a larger project is based on it. For example, the Android Open Source Project uses the Linux Kernel which is arguably the most popular open source project of all time. Open source has limitless possibilities and due to the popularity of the android platform, more so. In this blog post, we explore ways of utilizing…

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Ways You Can Grow Your Creativity Using Android Application Development

All problems can be solved through creative logical applications. When you think about programming, it shouldn’t strike you as a mundane task carried out by young people wasting their lives on computers – but programming is much more than that. Think of programming is a way to explore the possibilities of solutions for a problem and applying the most novel solution to it. An android app development company is always on the lookout for creative…

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Boost Your Android Application Development with These Tips

Once you learn Android Development, it will not be enough to survive as just another developer. You need to stand out from the rest in order to make an impact in the real world. There are no quick fixes to achieve this. Achieving this requires patience, perseverance, and discipline and then it would be possible to stand out from the rest. This blog post is focused on such tips. Again, these are not quick fixes;…

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Master the Skills of Android Application Development and Be Successful

We usually blog about the latest trends in the development sphere, but this one will be more on the inspirational side. Taking into account how well the Android API is documented, community involvement and the overall open nature of the developer community is what makes learning Android development a lucrative option. If you’ve ever been interested in coding and didn’t know where and how to start, this blog will help you get answers. I have…

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