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Best Tools to Help You Get Better at Android Application Development

We just did a blog on our top 10 iOS development tools and now we bring to you our top tools of choice for android application development.

Android Studio

Android Studio is the official IDE supported by Google. Although resource intensive, Android Studio is by far the most capable tool that you can have for developing Android apps.


AVD Manager

The Android Virtual Device Manager is an emulator that can be enabled within Android Studio or run separately.  AVD Manager offers a host of different devices you can emulate and test your apps on. Some of the devices even have play store enabled.

Adobe XD

Adobe XD is a free wireframing and prototyping tool from Adobe. Although very much basic compared to its Mac counterpart Sketch, this tool is by the far the best available on Windows. You mock layouts, screen movements, design elements and export them as well. It is a great tool for one-man army developers.


Although not specific to Android Development, GitHub is one of the best online repository hosting sites for git-based version control. Since GitHub now also offers unlimited private repositories for small teams, this is a great tool to have.

Play Console

Any developer, whether individual or an organization, can get their play console account for a one-time payment of $25. With a play console account, you can get access to a host of performance, bugs and crash testing tools for free. You can manage internal tests, alpha release, and beta releases of your application before it is ready to be shipped to the general public.


Vysor lets you mirror your phone’s screen on your computer screen. Since it is not an emulator, it doesn’t eat up valuable memory on your computer while allowing you to operate your phone from your development environment.

Source Tree

Source Tree is a free and open-source git GUI client. It offers a host of features that’ll help you simplify everyday git related tasks. Honourable mentions must be made to Android Studio’s integrated VCS tool and Sublime Merge.

A developer is only as fast as his tools are; we use these above tools each day in order to succeed in our day to day development goals. Do you think we missed your favourite android development tool on this list? Let us know about it in the comment section below.

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