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Boost Your Android Application Development with These Tips

Once you learn Android Development, it will not be enough to survive as just another developer. You need to stand out from the rest in order to make an impact in the real world. There are no quick fixes to achieve this. Achieving this requires patience, perseverance, and discipline and then it would be possible to stand out from the rest.

This blog post is focused on such tips. Again, these are not quick fixes; be patient and follow them religiously and results will follow.

Contribute to Open Source

Go to GitHub and find an open source project that you are excited about. Read the Contributing guidelines and start making small PRs in the beginning. Talk on the issues and create new issues that you find. Discuss a strategy to solve an issue then start working on a code to fix this.

While you are at it, give some time to reading the code as well. Reading code is the best way to learn from other developers around the globe.

Learn to Code in Other Languages

Don’t limit yourself just to Java. A developer must have many tools in his/her arsenal in order to fully understand the workings of the technology. Learn Kotlin as well since it has first-class language support from google and is also much more efficient than Java for android. Besides that, try learning at least one language a year. Learning new languages opens doors to newer technologies and opportunities.

Architecting your Apps

In order for a developer to work in a team environment, writing clean code is paramount. Not just a programmer’s code run, but also be readable. Good architecture helps achieve clean coding practices by implementing clear separation of concerns. Architecture patterns reduce errors and bugs and increase user experience.

Mastering Android Studio

If you use Android Studio as the IDE of your choice to write Android apps, pay attention to the tip of the day window that pops up every time you start Android Studio. Mastering your IDE will allow you to do things faster and more easily. Reducing the effort it takes for anything other than coding.

These are some general tips in order to get better Android development. As a bonus, you should also learn about android best practices, read more books and listen to podcasts. We’ll be back soon with another blog.

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