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Master the Skills of Android Application Development and Be Successful

We usually blog about the latest trends in the development sphere, but this one will be more on the inspirational side. Taking into account how well the Android API is documented, community involvement and the overall open nature of the developer community is what makes learning Android development a lucrative option.

If you’ve ever been interested in coding and didn’t know where and how to start, this blog will help you get answers.

I have no experience in programming, can I learn it and earn income without a college degree?

Well, that’s the best thing about being a developer. Most of the resources available online are much more immersive, content-rich and more recent compared to the one that college education provides. In college, you might learn a few basics of android development which are likely to be outdated. Whereas, the plethora of learning material online is up to date and mostly free. Most of these courses are focused on students who have zero coding experience. Also, more and more companies are hiring developers after evaluating just their skill set. Top companies like Flipkart, Apple, and many more have gone on record to state that they are hiring developers without a college degree.

Where do I get started?

In my opinion, Android is the way to go if you want to start learning to programme. Android developers are in demand and you can learn enough Android to get a job within a year. As far as online resources are concerned, Udacity offers their nanodegree course material for free and by paying them you get mentorship support and a nanodegree upon completion. Udemy too offers similar courses. Besides the course material, you can find codelabs by Google which acclimatizes you with newer, more recent concepts,

What else?

Make sure to clean up your LinkedIn profile, have a twitter presence and a GitHub account where you will post your projects. Social media presence is important because employers look for your work and your voice online. Developers usually get contacted by employers for jobs as well as freelancing gigs via Twitter and LinkedIn. Your GitHub profile is where you get to showcase your projects.

You can transition to the professional world fairly quickly after learning Android development. If you are not looking for a 9 to 5 job, you can even try freelancing after a while. You can be an independent developer working your own hours.

That’s all we have to stay about learning android development skills to find success in your career and we hope you must have found it helpful as well.

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