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Ten Precious Tools to Help You Get Better at iPhone Application Development

Creating quality iPhone apps is simpler than ever due to the ecosystem of tools available around iOS development. If you know the correct tools, you can automate tasks and speed-up development. Here are the top 10 tools that will help you an iPhone application development ninja.


First one on the list is the IDE of choice, XCode. XCode is officially IDE for apps developed in Swift and is developed by Apple. This is the most widely used tool by the developers of iOS, Mac, Apple watch and Apple TV.


AppCode is another IDE for iPhone app development. It is developed by JetBrains and like all of their products, It has amazing code analysis, lint, and error highlighting features. Developers using AppCode can swear by it for its performance usability.


If your app is ready to be tested by a larger set of people who are outside your organization, TestFlight is a native framework which allows developers to invite up to 10,00 testers to trial the beta of your app.


RxSwift is a popular library developed by Microsoft. It is used for Asynchronous programming which helps apps respond to remote data changes and user events.


GitHub is a code hosting platform primarily used for version control and collaboration. While this one is not exclusively for iPhone development, GitHub is a tool every developer would be glad to have it under their belt. After being acquired by Microsoft in 2018, GitHub made unlimited private repositories available to all for free.


Track your app’s ranking using Applyzer. Applyzer analyses your apps ranking on the iTunes store. The basic account is free to use and offers 3 months of data history.

Stack Overflow

This is the de-facto tool which developers around the world use when they get stuck. Stack Overflow has numerous active topics and answers on almost everything related code.


For developers looking to take a refresher course or reskilling themselves in iOS development. Udacity has some of the best course videos on the internet.


For all the solo developers, designing and wireframing is an important skillset they must learn in order to make better, well-thought-out apps.  Mockingbird is a wireframing and mock-up tool which lets you build your UI before you go out and code it.


Sketch is another designing and wireframing tool which works really well with material designs. Sketch allows developers to choose a theme for their app and generate custom elements depending on the theme and colour set.

That brings our list of Top 10 precious tools for iPhone development. We hope this post gave you an overview of the top tools available for development. If we missed out on your favourite tool let us know in the comments section below.

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