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The Future of iOS App Development & Evolution

Having several years of experience of developing iOS apps under our belt, we’ve often noticed trends beforehand that go on to become the next big thing in iOS. This post covers current trends in iOS app development and some insights into the evolution of the ecosystem. So without much further ado, let’s get started.


Apple recently introduced CoreML, a machine learning framework, which allows developers to integrate artificial intelligence to their app even if they don’t have prior ML experience. It is also believed that Siri, which has arguably lost ground to Google Assistant too will get a boost and cover the ever-increasing gap between the two of them. The learnings from CoreML is set to boost Apple’s presence in IoT devices as well.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Apple’s ARKit is probably one of the simplest AR libraries available. People have been able to do some fantastic things with it from day one it was launched. Due to the streamlining between Apple’s hardware and software, even older iPhones are can run AR apps without any hiccups. Large companies have already been experimenting with experiential selling where buyers can place simulated products in their homes and visualize it on top of their camera input.


Having found no competition in the smartwatch segment, the Apple watch is out there competing with the luxury brands like Swatch, Rolex and its likes, and even forcing them to enter the smartwatch segment. The latest instalment in the Apple watch series is powerful and opens a plethora of options for the developer community. Apple Watch has witnessed the fastest growth in the numbers of apps launched in recent months.

Instant apps

This trend is certainly influenced by Google who found out that users don’t actually like to download the whole app for one-time use. Instead, if apps could be run without having to install the full app, a user might be compelled to try the full app. This is likely to be the next big development on the iOS platform.

File management

iOS 11.3 first saw the introduction of Files which allowed users to back up their data on the cloud. In order to make cloud sharing more useful, the file management in iOS should see a significant improvement.

This is our take on the recent emerging trends around iOS development. We’ll be adding more as we come across them, till then make sure to check out our other blog posts.

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