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The Reasons Why Developers Love Building Native App Development

Hybrid apps maybe a rage due to the apparent cost savings and shorter development times. However, there are businesses and developers who would still prefer to go on the native way of developing apps.

Here are some of the reasons why developers love building native apps.

1. Fluid Performance

Hybrid apps are a combination of HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript on top of native code that drives the hardware of the phone. This has unintended consequences on the performance and the app suffers when building an intensive app. On the other hand, the native app’s code is designed to run smoothly. This reduces any run-time hiccups and reduces development issues.

2. Better User Experience

With hybrid, apps you get a uniform user experience across platforms. But if you ask any developer, they’ll tell you that they don’t love the user experience they are delivering with hybrid apps. It is a compromise they must make. However, native app development comes at no such cost. Each native platform, whether it is Android or iOS, has its own design philosophy about its user experience and there are multiple tools around it that help achieve the best user experience.

3. Execution Speed

Native code is optimised for avoiding memory leaks and managing low-memory. This, in turn, reduces the execution speed for background tasks and coroutines. If that was not enough, developers get fine-grained control over how to manage memory. Hybrid apps generally have the impression of becoming bloated once they cross a feature-limit. A slow app is not a joyful experience to use – nor to develop. Not to mention the 2-star ratings on the app store.

4. Hardware Controls

For native apps, the layer that controls the hardware is different from the UI control. Most of the hybrid app’s optimization happens on the UI level, whereas the hardware usually gets the last treatment. For this reason, if the app is heavily reliant on hardware, then native app is the best way to go.

5. Effortless Debugging

Okay, that may be a bit of a lie; debugging in never effortless. But for a Hybrid, developer they have to put trust on the framework that it doesn’t break. And if something does go haywire with the framework, they are helpless. On the other hand, the native SDK is highly stable and debugging is straightforward with multiple options available in order to solve a single problem.

There are many more reasons why an application developer would choose native app development over hybrid app development, but above are the top reasons. Hope you enjoyed this blog and we’ll bring you more such blogs in the coming days. Stay tuned.

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