Fixed Rate Outsourcing Model (FROM)

We give you the skilled resources to work on a project for a stipulated period after agreeing to the terms unanimously. The scope of the project is defined, the phases are divided and milestones are created in terms of time and effort. The best part is the time for delivery is set and this model is best suited for small projects with clear documented requirements that can be completed in short duration of time.

Benefits of FROM

  • Timely completion of project
  • Is highly economical
  • Goal oriented and the focus is on robust development
  • Experienced team is dedicated for your project

Time and Material Model (TMM)

If your project is huge and requires agile development then this model is apt as it offers flexibility of time and skilled resources. When the project is in its initial stage and the picture of the final product is not known then this is the best model to choose as the time and the development team can be assigned and adjusted as the project evolves.

Benefits of TMM

  • Optimizes time and cost
  • Offers flexibility in time and resource utilization
  • Supports agile development
  • Win – win situation for both the client and the vendor

Offshore Development Center (ODC)

In the Offshore Development model. GTS offers you a full-fledged team to work on your project and provides you the full control of the team and its management including the selection of the team. This model is best suited for long term projects where the project scope changes frequently.

Benefits of ODC

  • Budgets are foreseeable even though the project is a lengthy one
  • Suitable for customized application development
  • Dedicated team for smooth running of the project with the essential infrastructure
  • Strong technical team working seamlessly to accomplish your project

You can choose the business model that is best suited for you and our smart and intellectual team is ready to serve you to high quality. Contact Us right now!!!