Ecommerce rules the world. The world has become a small village that can be accessed at finger tips, so is shopping. Gone are the days when one has to step out for shopping. Now anything can be purchased with a click of a mouse. Shopping is always a pleasure whether it’s a direct visit to a mall or a shop or when purchased online. Buyers not only expect the same admiration of seeing a product through their internet gadgets but also seek the same pleasure of purchase online. Hence Ecommerce has become mandatory and gone global for merchandisers and huge enterprises. Purchases these days happen at comfort of homes thru apps, websites and web portals in few minutes, so it is binding for retailers to own an online store that sells and yields profits. We also provide a report for your existing ecommerce site and help it grow and reach new heights.

Want to stand out of the crowd???Determined to create history in the online world??? Looking out to create a perfect application??? We help you build your online store the way you want. We are already focused, geared up on the mark and ready to go. There will be no turning back, all that you would get is stunning, stellar and successful online store in the world of web and mobile.

At GTS, we provide excellent ecommerce solutions for the biggies, for medium enterprises and small business houses. We excel in the art of ecommerce solutions that can be tailored for your needs based on your business requirements. We understand your requirements and help you in choosing the best e-commerce solution for your global shop because the secret of success for an online store lies in choosing the right eCommerce solution. We would be happy to help you, get in touch with GTS. Let’s kick start!!!


Magneto is an open source ecommerce solution owned by eBay and it offers maximum customization for your business needs. Magneto offers vide range of customization options, eye catching interface with plenty of GUI options, high adaptability and robust backend functionalities. Magneto is the most powerful e-Commerce platforms for eStore development which has efficient themes, front end functionalities and offers excellent admin panel with total flexibility and control over the backend functionalities. Magneto based eCommerce site can be viewed across different browsers and different devices with different screen sizes – Such is the flexibility offered by Magneto. And now you understand why it is used by online Giants Samsung, Ford, Lenovo and Olympus to name a few.

At GTS, we offer a wide range of Magneto services. If you are looking to build an online store from scratch we help you to build one or if you are looking for redesign, upgradation or maintenance – Yes we do it all. Our team of Magento developers are up-to-date with latest improvements in Magneto and can deliver an online store that will keep you and your customers hooked up!!!

GTS offers the following Magneto services but not limited to

  • Magento Website Development
  • Magneto Online Store
  • Magneto Custom Design
  • Magento Data Migration/ Upgradation
  • Magneto Theme Development
  • Magento Template Customization
  • Magneto Plugin Development
  • Magneto website/online store support and maintenance


WordPress is an open source content management solutions that aids in bringing your website online in few minutes with its rich set of features. We have excellent caliber in WordPress and we work on creative themes, customizations, ground-breaking plugins and excellent localization features.

We love experimenting and bring in websites for the next generation. We offer amazing agility and provide you room for expansion when you need it. At GTS, our pool of WordPress developers have built hundreds of websites that can be optimized for all devices successfully- Our team thinks and executes beyond your expectations.

We execute every little detail of your requirements and develop WordPress websites that are sleek, light weight and represent your business. We build WordPress websites for individuals too depicting their individuality and help them in creating their own brand.

The more your needs, the more customization and we are experts in it. We also provide expertise in WordPress plugin development for more detail oriented websites. Building a WordPress site with us assures you domain registration, web hosting, SEO and web maintenance.

It’s just not CMS that allows you to create, edit and publish content but it allows you to customize the look and feel and helps in automation of routine tasks.



Joomla is a popular content management system because of its enriched user experience and excellent back end functionalities. A website speaks of itself about you, your brand and your business. Joomla offers you responsive websites that are easier to maintain and provides better control over the content.

Gone are the days of static websites, it’s an era of responsive and interactive websites that are database driven. Joomla offers all the exciting features of responsive design, database driven functionalities, interactive elements, and different levels of access and yes complete control of your content.

At GTS, we offer your professional Joomla services that include web design, development, custom home page designs, custom development services, upgradation and maintenance. We take maintenance very seriously, we remove outdated features, incorporate latest trends in the websites and keep your website on top rank anytime.


Drupal is another open source content management system available in the market that is very adaptable to the market changes, provides customization features to the maximum extent, enables data modelling and integration in endless ways. To top it all Drupal is the most preferred CMS because it provides sophisticated content management solutions and digital marketing competencies.

To name a few, big industry leaders like Twitter, The Economist, Forbes and The White House use Drupal content management system and this shows that Drupal can handle huge traffic seamlessly. Now that sounds like the best reason to use Drupal, right???

Work with the industry leaders in Drupal development and create a supreme website that is rewarding. At GTS, we have more than 6 years of valuable experience in building robust and power packed Drupal solutions that includes websites and web portals. We provide custom Drupal CMS development, Theme customizations, Drupal Plugin development, Drupal template customization and Drupal extensions development. Not to mention the SEO work, maintenance and support that we provide for all the projects that we have executed.

We focus on delivering high performance Drupal websites that can be used by multiple user and provides multi lingual content creation. Our goal is to make you happy and customer satisfaction is the prime factor that underlies in all our business process. We empower you to use the power of Drupal in your business across all verticals.

Custom Ecommerce

Wanna develop and just not grow??? Wanna take the road that is not travelled??? Wanna build your own ecommerce solution??? We dare to do it. For us near to perfection is not in our lines, we strive only for perfection and believe in performance. We turn your business requirements into a spectacular online store. We have expertise in developing online stores for various industries and we have expertise in the knowhow of how each industry sells online. We create ecommerce solutions tailored for your needs and take care of everything under the sun for your online store – we provide end to end solutions, from figuring out functionalities, theme design, template customization, data security, performance, compatibility with different devices, scalability, payment gateway installation, multi store front design and other trivial features like product upload, product description, updates, deals and discounts, report generation and the list is big. We focus on user centric designs that keep your customers coming to you over and over forever. Our motto is simple – Customer Satisfaction and happy clients.

At GTS, our ecommerce developers possess immense knowledge in latest technical knowledge and the upcoming ecommerce market trend. Our expert developers understand the significance of your business needs, your competitors and identify the critical aspects of your online store business and then design a perfect solution that matches your business.


Amazon is the pioneer in ecommerce and provides the entrepreneurs to sell their products online with the Amazon brand. Being associated with the biggest brand like Amazon helps in exploiting the potential of Amazon services thus leveraging the Amazon brand and its technology.

The Amazon webstore is a reliable source with its huge infrastructure offers high end functionalities and focusses on design of the store, customer experience, branding and provides full control and flexibility to the merchandiser. Amazon being the leader in ecommerce has high end functionality and advanced technology and great security features that keeps updating providing room for expansion and scalability.

At GTS, we offer you the following Amazon webstore services

  • Design Customization
  • Branding and Digital Marketing
  • Categorization and inventory management
  • Customized webstore checkout
  • Payment Gateway customizations
  • Order Management
  • Content Management
  • Report Management