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We are one of the leading digital marketing industry with a target on business results. We commit a compelling ROI, be it making brand awareness and loyalty, improving website traffic or increasing conversions. We are an energetic and young team of digital marketers that take the latest technique approach to make compelling digital marketing strategies tailored to the complete brand objectives.


Digital Marketing Services To Serve Your Businesses

Marketing agencies support you get a lot of sales by investment different marketing technique to attract your ideal customer.

  • Google AdWords

    Google AdWords is the best method to capture the attention of potential customers right at the moment once they’re aware that they need an issue. Most people communicate Google to find solutions to their main points, so running an AdWords campaign that focuses those prospects may be highly profitable.

  • SEO

    SEO support small business owners make quick, robust, and user-friendly websites that rank higher in search engines, which in turn support bring additional qualified potential customers to their sites and eventually will improve conversion rates.

  • Facebook advertising

    Facebook’s focusing features combined with their large user base creates it a fantastic platform for just about any business to look a healthy ROI. You will focus by gender, education level, income, location, interests, status updates, and even major life events.

  • Video advertising

    YouTube reaches more 18-49-year-olds than the top 10 primetime TV shows within the U.S. The large audience combined with improved engagement that comes with video marketing also creates video ads the best place to look ROI. Video ads may be focused by demographics, location, online behavior, YouTube channel, interest, and more.

  • Mobile marketing

    Over 50% of mobile searches result in the purchase. When that search is related to a local business, that range is even higher: 78% of native mobile searches lead to offline purchases, and search terms indicate high intent to buy as well. There are a variety of choices that agencies have once it comes to mobile advertising, like mobile YouTube ads, in-app advertising, and campaigns to boost mobile app installs.

  • Content marketing

    Content marketing is the fuel that designed many multi-million dollar businesses. Most companies assume writing content is regard write a related some blog posts every week and slapping them up on a website. However, those who care regarding sales over vanity metrics notice that it’s more difficult than that. Services that agencies may provide within content marketing include infographic creation, blog post generation, content analysis, SEO writing, and social media promotion.

  • Email marketing

    Agencies may provide services like list building, connecting with your list so that it doesn’t go cold, segmentation, or autoresponder sequence optimization.

Industries We Serve

GTS is serving various industry since its inception in 2011. Our focus is to fit right time for right industry projects based on experiences. Industries we cater to are followings

Real Estate & Property
Events & Tickets
Travel & Hospitality
Social Networking
Banking, Finance & Insurance
health care
ecommerce, retail & b2b
food & restaurant

Major Benifits of Digital Marketing

More and a lot of people are consuming all type of data online hence creating digital marketing the best technique to reach out to your focus customers. We ask why Digital Marketing is essential. The importance of digital marketing works not only in favor of marketers, however, it also gives something innovative to the customers too. Let us have a see and understand the importance of digital marketing.

  • Opens up growth choices for small businesses

    Importance of digital marketing for business lies in the choice to choose your method of marketing as per your budget and reach a wider audience at a lesser value. Even a decade back getting your product marketed particularly for a small business was a task in itself. Most of the expensive models were simply out of their reach and that they had to resort to small level ways where the guarantee of success was near to negligible.

  • Get connected to the Mobile Customers

    After Google mobile first update nearly most of the websites nowadays are created in a manner that they are simply viewable on the mobile as well. This is because that just about all customers have access to a smartphone and most of them even explore for products on the same. In many instances, customers have modified their purchase plan and picked up a product from a different brand only because they were convinced that the latest product has a much better functionality.

  • Increase the trust for your Brand

    The presence of your brand and service on the different type of platforms offers the choice option to customers to rate your services as per their level of expertise. A positive and favorable review left by a satisfied client causes the new ones to instantly convert. Nowadays contacting the social media page of a brand for problem resolution and different matters could be a common factor to do. This, in turn, leads to the build-up of the dominant image of the brand within the minds of the new customers hence leading to a lot of conversions.

  • Better ROI for your Investment

    While earlier budget allocations were done individually to handle every type of marketing medium the case becomes a lot of progressive now. Being digital you have got access to packages at entirely different levels of costing hence guarantee that you just pick up one which suits your budget best. Even a small budget of investment done in a mode of email marketing has the potential to deliver results relating to customer engagement. Using web analytics support the business owners know whether your website is giving optimal ROI.

  • Digital marketing is Cost Effective

    A small business wants to save up on its resources before it finally goes into the green zone and starts creating profits. Digital marketing offers you the scope to reach out to many customers at the same time and that too among your budget. You will be able to plan your marketing strategy such that you only use modes that consist your budget. If there is a need to not extend the budget then you will be able to always focus on related audiences whom you know would like and appreciate the concept of your giving.

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