Looking for a broader audience and reach higher target. Hybrid applications is the best choice available – Technically speaking hybrid app is a web app built using HTML5 and Javascript wrapped in a native container. Hybrid application is the current trend in the online world. Building an app just for a single platform is not preferred for those who want higher reach as it is confined to a single platform. Hybrid application development benefits the owner of the app because the same code can be reused across different platforms. Native apps and hybrid apps appear same for an end user and can be downloaded from Google play store or Apple’s App store and are launched the same way. However with Hybrid development allows the reuse of the core code making overall development faster and cost effective. At GTS, our team of hybrid app developers follow the industry’s best practices to develop hybrid apps for utmost client satisfaction. We bring in solutions that are robust, scalable and secure and that suits all business with reduced costs and time for a quick market delivery and wide reach of audience.

Bring in your idea to develop a new app or make your existing app available across different platforms – we provide answers to all your unanswered questions and help you with technology selection that will be apt for your application and make your app building a breeze.

Benefits of Hybrid App Development

  • Application is launched across all platforms at the same time
  • Wider reach of an Application because the audience from different platforms are targeted
  • New features are released across all the platforms at the same time.
  • Maximum ROI and high profits
  • Users across different platforms have the same user experience
  • Gives the best of both worlds of mobile and web technology


Html 5 paved in the web for imparting enhanced user experience that enables sharing interactive content, animation and rich media across all devices. We create custom user interfaces and ensure optimization across all platforms. HTML has always got the privilege of being the most popular language for web from the inception of the World Wide Web and now it has taken a new enriched form as HTML5 with rich media, interactive elements, hardware access and super rich animation. HTML5 mobile app is basically a web page and can be opened in any device large or small. Despite few limitations that come with HTML5 like security and storage if your app doesn’t require these, then you are all set to go with HTML5 app. At GTS, our experienced team of developers who have sound knowledge to create, test and debug your app.

Benefits of HTML5 Apps

  • If your app doesn’t require access to hardware in the device then HTML 5 is the best option.
  • Cost Effectiveness – Very cost effective and easy to maintain when compared to native apps.
  • Updates – HTML5 apps are portable on all operating systems and hence a single update on the source code is sufficient for all the devices in other platforms too.
  • Look and feel like a browser
  • Enriched animations with high resolution imagery
  • Based on the concept of build once and deploy every where
  • Apps can be made across all platforms


Sencha touch is an open framework that has super capacity to leverage the properties of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript and is gaining popularity to build cross platform apps. This framework came as game changer in building hybrid apps because of its flexibility, rich GUI and optimization for touch enabled devices. At GTS, our team of developers who have expertise and thorough understanding to build cross platform apps using Sencha touch framework that resembles native apps in appearance. We have a team with high proficiency in Sencha touch framework that delivers apps with smooth performance

Benefits of Sencha Touch

  • Special themes are available for different devices
  • Pixel perfect and cross-browser fidelity
  • Provides enhanced touch events like tap, double tap, swipe, pinch and rotate
  • Data navigation is simple as it utilizes hardware acceleration
  • Apps can be developed for iOS, Android and suitable for tablets


There are many open source frameworks available for building hybrid apps and Phonegap is one such framework from Adobe that enables the access to hardware to most of smartphone operating systems. That means if your app needs to access the device (smartphones, tablets or iPads) camera, GPS or even an accelerometer it can be achieved with PhoneGap. Moreover it is combined with excellent responsive design that executes seamlessly across all platforms and devices. At GTS, our team has expertise in latest versions of PhoneGap, PhoneGap desktop and Apache Cordova. We also help you in deciding the framework needed to build your app.

Benefits of PhoneGap

  • PhoneGap provides access to the hardware of the devices in which the app is installed which includes Contacts, Camera, Media, Compass, File system and network.
  • Excellent responsiveness across different devices with varied screen sizes.
  • PhoneGap Build, a cloud based tool from PhoneGap enables building a store-ready app without the need to install native SDK on every platform that’s being developed
  • Highly cost effective and provides ROI
  • Apps can be deployed in several app stores


Xamarin is an extra-ordinary studio that allows the developers to develop native and hybrid apps – Xamarin is a fine balance of both!!! With Xamarin apps are built in C# and apps can be developed with native UI controls with high performance as that of native apps. Xamarin’s form library offers more than 40 cross platform controls and layouts that can be strategically mapped to native controls at runtime. Hence the look and feel of the apps are at par with native apps.

At GTS, our team of professional developers possess excellent knowledge of C# along with objective C and Java to code in Xamarin building exceptional quality apps. Is it not a best idea to work with someone who knows the best, nobody knows Xamarain better than us!!!

Benefits of Xamarin

  • Saves time and cost, hence reduced costs for development and high ROI
  • Saves time and costs on maintenance as well
  • Provides the usage of Xamarin studio and C# studio
  • Facilitates automatic testing of iOS and Android on several devices instantly
  • Enables native user interface development


AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime) is another excellent product from Adobe that facilitates building of robust apps across different platforms. Its versatile nature allows to deploy rich internet applications for desktops and mobile devices. The highlight of AIR is that it’s a blend of technologies like Action script 3, Flash, Flex, HTML, JavaScript and Ajax and hence provides the ability to build rich engaging user interfaces. The best part is users view the interface as they view it on web and AIR is available on Windows, MAX and Linux platforms.

At GTS, our Adobe certified AIR developers have extensive knowledge in flex, Action script for Adobe Integrated Runtime who can offer effective and efficient solution for your app in the best possible way.

Benefits of AIR

  • Roll out rich engaging user interface into market within a short span
  • Enhanced user experience provided for desktop and mobile applications
  • Productivity is high building a hybrid app costs less when compared to other cross platform technologies
  • Has built in advance features such as SQLite Database, WebKit and Local File Access