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Apple’s iPad is the apple of everyone’s eye today! Its lightweight and handy style have created it a good hit among the shortest span of your time. Its 9.7-inch screen with its full touch sensitive full-screen display, crystal clear graphics, and virtual keyboard makes it a delight to look at videos, hear audio, download apps and play games on it. IPad Games by far has a vast market everywhere the world.


iPad Game Development Services To Serve Your Businesses

With the iPad flourishing successfully and it is to stay in the online world, iPad games seem to be the biggest sensation of the era. We make outstanding gaming applications meaning we build state of the art apps that are exciting, engaging and exceptional. Our dedicated in-house team comprising of creatives, designers, developers, and quality fanatically work in building a breakthrough gaming iPad app – Providing more options, space and visually splendid interface. When you build a good gaming app, you get a good sum of users but when you build a great app, users get you. That’s where GTS comes into play we know the difference between good and great!!!

The application should be tested before release. GTS possess the expertise and the experience to test the working of the application and look for potential bugs. They direct sufficient tests to decide if the application would crash under some random conditions. It is fundamental that testing is extensive and thorough to prevent crashes.

Apple is the brand which is continuously upgrading the iPad games for the iPad users in the world and this appears to be the best for the people who also love the iPad to the core and there are various kinds of iPad games available for the iPad users in the world. At GTS Softech, we consider about various things like the UX/UI, and also other kinds of things which you must know about, and this will help you to get the best iPad game developed.

Industries We Serve

GTS is serving various industry since its inception in 2011. Our focus is to fit right time for right industry projects based on experiences. Industries we cater to are followings

Real Estate & Property
Events & Tickets
Travel & Hospitality
Social Networking
Banking, Finance & Insurance
health care
ecommerce, retail & b2b
food & restaurant

Major Benefits of iPad Game Development

We provide our clients in hiring our experienced and knowledgeable developers for mobile application, games and website development.

  • High returns on low investment: While you pay very little on the particular development of an iPad game, the returns you will get are high. As long as your game exists on the app store and as long because it is available for download by users, you set on getting your returns.

  • Great opportunities to create money: Whether you select a paid game or a free game there is a method to create lots and lots of cash. While a paid game will get you the cash as soon as a user installs it, a free-to-play game can bring you the USD later via in-app purchases or ads.

  • The excellent method to promote your brand cost-effectively: If the iPad game you have developed becomes a good hit and once more and more persons being downloading your game, your brand can get all the popularity that it deserves while not you having to pay something on marketing or promotion.

  • 24/7 visibility and higher interaction with customers: When a customer installs your game on his iPad, it will forever be there anytime he uses the device. You will also along with your clients simply by providing them with valuable data and asking for their feedback or rating currently so.

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