With the iPad flourishing successfully and it is to stay in the online world, iPad games seem to be a biggest sensation of the era. We make outstanding gaming applications meaning we build state of the art apps that are exciting, engaging and exceptional. Our dedicated in-house team comprising of creatives, designers, developers and quality fanatically work in building a breakthrough gaming iPad app – Providing more options, space and visually splendid interface. When you build a good gaming app, you get good sum of users but when you build a great app, users get you. That’s where GTS comes into play we know the difference between good and great!!!

At GTS we offer the following

  • Exceptional 2D and 3D graphics
  • Serious game development for learning and educational purpose
  • Best practices in development adhering to iOS Human interface guidelines
  • Scalable gaming apps leveraging the iPad’s capability.
  • Implement latest techniques, technology and tools in app development process to ensure the best product.
  • Importance to aesthetics and performance
  • All genres of games including single, multiplayer and multilevel games.