Success in the online world is valued by the presence in the mobile app for startups and huge enterprises and we understand that. At GTS, iOS app developers keep updating with the trends of iOS platform and build apps that are visually stunning, user centric and have high performance – Building apps that users can’t live without!!! We’ve customized to the needs of every generation in iPad and iPhone platform. We believe in native iPhone app development that provides access to all the device features starting from camera to Bluetooth and other integrated functions of the device so that user can use the app to the full extent.

  • Brainstorm – You conceive, we deliver. From the process of conception to delivery we identify every problem, bring out the best result and we chunk every little detail to leave no ambiguity. We prototype, test it and we play around and until we are hooked and then we launch.
  • Presentation – We are the pioneers of design and create the best impression the first time which brings in incredible outcome. We are specialist in space technology – of course we are talking about the screen space where every icon looks and location matters!!!
  • Sticky factor – Each app has a sticky factor and we are the masters of it. We create scalable apps that fit into user’s daily schedule and make it interesting every day and every time. The criteria of a successful app is defined by user engagement and user retention. At GTS, we have extensive knowledge in habit forming strategies to create apps that become ¬habits.
  • Excellence – We build secure apps that are quintessential because when quality takes the back seat stress and monetary loss takes the front seat, not to mention the waste of time that comes with poor quality – Delivering quality in all stages of development!!!
  • Latest Technology – Use of SDKs like XCode IDE, iPhone Simulator and test in real time devices.