Looking to create an app that stands out of the crowd that is striking amidst the millions of Apps in the Apple’s App store? Are you someone looking for a rich user experience and trust in usability metrics? Yes we do too!!!

iPhones have a small screen space and the entire functionality should be loaded within the screen space. Not to mention the user interaction, icon placement and the user experience flow. Sounds like an uphill task??? We are the masters of the UI/UX for iPhones as we believe in simplicity and trust users who knows the best. User retention at the App store begins from the app icon and we realize that, thus creating brilliant and eye catching designs that are prominent to the human eyes.

A functionally fully loaded app needs to stay in the user’s phone for daily use. Success is counted only when the app is actively used by the user. We conduct user interviews to ensure the product meets the needs of the audience. We also identify critical points in the user interface to eliminate frustration and friction points – We refine the designs until thing are crystal clear!!!

At GTS, we understand that and execute design research to provide a great app that delivers great user experience. The methodologies that we follow include

  • Experience Design
  • Interaction Design
  • Visual Design
  • User Interface Design
  • Behavioral Mapping
  • Cognitive Mapping
  • Narrative Design
  • User journey maps