Windows operating system is the most used one across the world. Microsoft continues to be a giant in offering simple and secure operating system that is incredibly easy to use. Windows apps can be used across different devices like smart phones, tablets and desktops at the same time. With the launch of Windows 8, it is clear that Microsoft wants to penetrate into the market of touch screen devices. At present, Windows phones have a small market share, it is anticipated that Microsoft will be become predominant in the field of mobile applications in the coming years. If you are someone who is dependent on Microsoft technologies for your business then we are the right partners to develop your idea into a working vision. With modern/metro style of app development, we assure you clean interface with neat animations customized for your requirements.

We have been using SDK tool kits to develop Windows App and we have become proficient in developing wide array of Windows applications. We have also stepped up to build Windows app that can be scaled to Windows 10. Our experienced technical team can tailor all your requirements and provide know-how for your applications that are beyond the world. We develop windows applications that work seamlessly and can be integrated between smart phone or tablet and the PC thus increasing the productivity. Another good news is that Microsoft provides continuous updates providing room for enhancements.

At GTS, we provide the following service

  • Technical experts focused on delivering world class cutting edge Windows App
  • Experts in SDK tool kit for developing and optimizing wide array of windows applications.
  • Versatile applications for different kinds of business
  • Transform your idea into a working app that generates compelling user experiences