Laravel is a feather on the cap in the PHP development – Simple and yet sophisticated. It’s an open source PHP web framework that follows the MVC (model–view–controller) pattern. Laravel development enables creating best apps with the use of communicative interface with ease. Laravel enables excellent routing, easy authentication, migration support and effective ORM and database layer. Laravel is loaded with out of the box features to develop highly functional and modern applications quickly and securely that is modular and extensible too!!!

At GTS, We have been working with Laravel from the day of its inception and have experienced Laravel developers who have mastered this framework and create cutting edge applications that shall scale up your business to new horizons. We can fine tune your existing application or build a new brand one using Laravel. Hire our Laravel developer today to enhance your web application!!!

Why Use Laravel

  • Modular and extensible code that can be reused
  • Provides excellent file system and cloud storage capacity with its Laravel Flyssytem
  • Easy to build a website in short span of time using Laravel as it facilitates simple and clean code
  • Authentication, Routing, Sessions, Queueing and Caching are easier thus speeding up web requests to your application
  • Laraval is the most reliable framework with extensive support networks
  • Stands to the principles of modern PHP practices.
  • Facilitates easy testing of apps with high performance speed

PHP Zend

This is yet another framework from the PHP platform that is simple and dynamic at the same time. Zend framework is an object oriented web application framework for PHP 5. Zend framework is commonly known as component library because of large availability of components that can be used as needed. Zend Framework empowers to develop high-end and customized web applications. The best thing about Zend is that it is continually updated and provides high security and enables easy deployment of RIA.

At GTS, we are proficient and have a team of Zend certified developers who are experts in object oriented technology and have expertise in Zend Framework Development. Our developers have excellent knowledge in developing, iterating, testing and providing support for the applications built. Our developers have adept can help you with anything related to Zend, We offer the following services

  • Zend Framework Development
  • Zend Application Development
  • Zend Website Upgradation
  • Zend Customized development
  • Zend Integration Service
  • Enterprise Zend development
  • Zend Framework application Audits
  • Zend Framework doctrine development
  • Zend Framework plugin development
  • Maintenance and Support
  • Hire Zend Developer

Why Use Zend

  • Most used framework to develop dynamic applications
  • Based on objected oriented technology
  • Uses MVC structure for coding purpose
  • Enables unique URL creation
  • Facilitates rapid application development and hence cost effective
  • Supports independent database engine
  • Backed by test driven development
  • Easy maintenance and deployment
  • Easy to integrate third party libraries


Yii is pronounced as yee and is open source PHP 5 based high performance framework that is huge and strong and is best used for web based applications. Yii encourages swift development as its extensible and offers rich functionalities and provides super security mechanisms and is best suitable for web portals, ecommerce systems, CMS websites and forums. At GTS, our skilled team of Yii developers build an application in short time.

Why Yii

  • Speedy, security and offers rich functionality and has immaculate integration with AJAX.
  • Allows super scripting and code reusability.
  • Uses MVC paradigm and separates business rules, logic and presentation.
  • Provides rich security mechanisms such as cross- site scripting and prevents hackers.


Cake PHP is highly preferred framework for building web applications and we portals because it is powerful and has the most advanced and comprehensive features. It facilitates building web applications faster, with simple code generation through Bake and is based on MVC architecture and is similar to Ruby on Rail (ROR) concept. CakePHP framework does most of the work making the development process easier and is supported by major database vendors. CakePHP has been leading in the market for building web applications for the past ten years and has frequent updates, product improvements and a huge support community. The best part is that it has solid architecture for CRUD (create/read/update/delete) interface that supports PHP4 and PHP5.

At GTS, we have expert team of cake bakers who have high expertise in agile development process and can help you with business requirements, development, deployment, testing and maintenance of your web application. We have successfully created web applications in CakePHP for different industries bringing utmost customer satisfaction. We offer the following services but not limited to

  • CakePHP framework development and customization
  • CakePHP Custom Modules Development & Installation
  • CakePHP Custom Web Application Development
  • CakePHP Portal Development
  • CakePHP Ecommerce Development
  • CakePHP Website Maintenance
  • Hire Dedicated CakePHP Expert

Why Use CakePHP

  • Based on MVC Architecture and has efficient ORM
  • Supports CRUD scaffolding
  • Built in security tools
  • Facilitates Rapid Application Development
  • Ensure scalability and performance upgrading
  • Can be used with various databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server and SQLite
  • Can be used for PHP4 and PHP5


CodeIgniter is yet another open source web application development framework in PHP for building dynamic web applications. CodeIgniter facilitates developers in creating highly responsive websites and web applications using its comprehensive libraries. The highlight of CodeIngniter is that it helps in creating light and high performance websites with the same ease because of its flexibility. If you are looking for a content oriented websites then CodeIgniter is for you.

At GTS, Our team of qualified CodeIgniter developers have indepth knowledge in building complex and charismatic web applications that delivers exceptional performance. By hiring our team to build your web applications or website you get to work with the brilliant and innovative minds. We have gained industry experience and have expertise in CodeIgniter to cater the needs of different industries. Our services in CodeIgniter are given below but not limited to

  • CodeIgniter Web Development
  • Codeigniter Custom Ecommerce Development
  • Corporate Applications Development
  • CodeIgniter Web Application Development
  • Hire CodeIgniter Developer
  • CodeIgniter Maintenance & Support
  • CodeIgniter Portal Development

Why CodeIgniter

  • Easy to code and debug
  • Based on MVC and built around HVMC
  • Admin Interface can be customized
  • Allows role based access control for users
  • Provides colossal robust back end functionalities
  • Provides immense front end features
  • Module builders are UI based

Zen Cart

Zen Cart is yet another open source solution that is exclusively designed for e-commerce business. Shopping made simple for the buyer and reports made simple for the seller. Simplicity at its best that’s how Zen Cart can be defined. Zen Cart provides huge number of functionalities that you can use based on your online store requirements – It is PHP based and backed by MySQL database and HTML components. Zen Cart is easy to use and is distributed under GNU meaning anyone can use it for free and can do any modifications as needed. That sounds great, right???

At GTS, our team has exclusive Zen Cart developers who have extensive experience in developing Zen Cart based ecommerce solutions and are proficient in customization to suit your business needs. We offer the following services

  • Zen Cart Online Store Development
  • Zen Cart module development
  • Zen Cart functionality development
  • Zen Cart Customization
  • Zen Cart Upgrade and Maintenance
  • Zen Cart Template and Design

Open Cart

This is the most friendly e-commerce solution and has visually attractive front end and back end user interface. This is the best ecommerce for small scale businesses to sell their products online. It has all the elements to make your online store a style statement. It is easy to develop and has versatile range of design themes and extensions. The best advantage of using Open Cart for small business is it offers multi store management with single backend panel.

At GTS, our team of Open Cart developers work on end to end solutions in Open cart development that can be molded to suit to your business. Our team has insightful understanding of the open cart ecommerce solution from initialization to integration and maintenance, design to development, templates to theme building – making a rock solid online store.

We offer the following services

  • OpenCart website customization
  • OpenCart module customization
  • OpenCart custom theme design
  • OpenCart Custom plugin development
  • OpenCart website redesign
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Custom extension design using VQMOD